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Smabat Brand Introduction

China's first (and perhaps the world's first) modular headphone brand, founded in 2019, is committed to providing music headphone enthusiasts with efficient and excellent headphone module accessories and high-quality professional music headphones, as early as 13 years since several founders have been exploring the acoustic road, after nearly 10 years of technical accumulation, with two core patented labyrinth acoustic technology and crossover control system, in Acoustic technology has a leading position. The new modular headphone series has gained a very large number of users at home and abroad. We truly create new physical objects from 0 to 1, while sharing the excellent products to you, we do not make sound-making machines, only shock your hearing.

A heartfelt thank you to our international friends who have supported us

Contact us

Email: service@smabat.com

Address:  211, Building A, Wisdom Cloud Valley Industrial Park, No. 1, Sanhe Road, Longhua Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen


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