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Smabat is full of energy and innovation. We are devoted to bringing extreme hearing enjoy for music lovers and consumers with innovation and unique acoustics technology. We have some unique patents in acoustics and apply them to our products. We launched ST-10 and ST-10S headphones. We apply maze cavity to them which brings amazing effect and received many great reviews from consumers and fans. Now we are launching unique modularized headphones (M2) which is full of gameplay and we believe you can find a lot of fun in them. We believe that the product is king. We are always pursuing better products to touch your hearts.

Also, we are keen to share ideas with friends. Your opinions are appreciated, too. We don’t make sound, we tease your ears!

Many thanks to the international friends who support M4 earphones

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Address:  211, Building A, Wisdom Cloud Valley Industrial Park, No. 1, Sanhe Road, Longhua Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen


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