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Smabat-S1 Bluetooth module crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding module Bluetooth headset

Update: March 1, 2023 Thank you very much for your support of this modular Bluetooth headset.

We have decided that this product must be produced and will no longer wait for the crowdfunding to reach the target number before production.

We will be working on production in April and at the same time stopping the crowdfunding on the 30th of April, so that the product can be shipped in May, so that you can receive it in June this year.

Thank you to those of you who have already participated in this campaign, it's much appreciated! We will continue to work on it.

There are still opportunities to participate in the crowdfunding campaign.

So remember to follow the founder on Facebook (www.facebook.com/linhui20) for easy follow up!

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Thank you for your support, the following are the countries that can be shipped to (do not buy from countries that are not on the list)

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