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Super One s-class earphone integrated labyrinth acoustic tuning structure, professional hifi music

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Drive diaphragm: biological composite diaphragm 15.4mm
Frequency response range: 10Hz-24000Hz
Harmonic distortion:THD<0.08% @1kHz
Impedance: 100Ω@ 1kHz
Sensitivity: 115dB±3 @ 1kHz

Earphone X1, 3.5 line x1, 2.5 line x1, 3.5 to 6.5X1
Sponge X2, silicone cover x1

smabat S class - super one

The second generation of labyrinth space acoustics
9 * 1.5mm linear duct structure

More powerful bass driver

Super one uses bio-fiber diaphragm driver unit, its bass output performance is stronger than st10s composite uni With the help of the resonance effect of the linear channel, the overall sound effect is more shocking than st10s earphones.

Extreme design, integrated acoustics

Through scientific simulation, we have successfully realized the complicated acoustic principles of ST10s earphones on a piece of metal.
The newly designed linear duct structure is parallel to the sound wave radiation of the drive unit, which enables stronger bass playback and faster response.

Redesigned acoustic structure

9mm * 1.5mm linear acoustic tube, labyrinth resonance structure

1: (Intermediate frequency adjustment hole)
Closer to the driver unit than st10s earphones,
The airflow is faster.

2: (Labyrinth channel and linear resonance catheter)
Compared with st10s earphones, it conducts sound waves more stable, more accurate and faster.

Geometry·Art Design

Super One (Super 1) headphones are our most concise acoustic engineering application
This is the most effective application method of labyrinth acoustics and will become the final shape
Therefore, engraved with the highest level of smabat technology, the helmet logo that was first used
We will share the fun of linear channel tone with you through M module series headphones

The helmet logo is on the end of the headset

Diamond contour modeling

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