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Updated: July 12, 2023

Sincere invitation! We are about to start an important crowdfunding event and launch a new generation of flagship module headset M5 Pro!

We really expect your participation!

The M5 Pro will become the most powerful headphones in history, integrates an integrated maze acoustic structure to present you an excellent music experience.

Now, we need your support to make this dream a reality.

The crowdfunding pre -sale is scheduled to be dead on September 10, and it is expected to be shipped on September 30.

We will continue to work hard to ensure the best product quality and user experience,

 although there may be micro accessories and color adjustments in the process of crowdfunding.

But please rest assured, we will inform you all the changes in time.

Here, we must sincerely thank everyone for their support for our module headset business.

We provide a 40 % discount crowdfunding price, hoping to share this rare opportunity with you.

If you are involved in crowdfunding, you can remember that our mailbox is

which is convenient for our subsequent communication, you can propose design suggestions for M5

3 Future Plans

Planning Product 1:

We will release the flagship M5 Pro (champagne gold color), equipped with a customized 150Ω full-size LCP unit module.

This product will be sold in the form of a suit, and the module accessories will not be sold separately. 

We will fine -tune according to crowdfunding and issue the latest notice to you at any time.

Planning Product 2:

M5 main module (gray), suitable for users who already have other unit modules, providing you with convenience and flexibility for upgrading.

Planning Product 3:

The newly designed M5 unit module (beryllium diaphragm, 50Ω) is about to come out, 

and the unique wheel hub pattern cover will bring you visual surprises and enjoyment.


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